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  • Will Chaga Tea Keep You Awake

    We all like to have a good night's sleep and to wake up energized and well-rested. Discussions surrounding bedtimes routines have now gained popularity. Reducing computer or smartphone screentime to exercise and eating/drinking habits all affect our sleep in different ways. Is chaga tea good for ... View Post
  • Chinese New Year is celebrated with Mushrooms!

    Learning about other cultures is always fun. You can really grow as a person once you know your neighbour. Have you recently visited the Chinese district or market in your city? If you have, you may have noticed that the residents and businesses are preparing for a big holiday. Chinese New Year i... View Post
  • Where does Chaga Mushrooms Grow?

    For centuries people have been using Chaga for its healing properties and prevention of disease. In Russia, the use of Chaga dates back to ancient times and was used in traditional folk medicine. Chaga grows in colder climates on specific trees including the yellow and white birch tree. It can be... View Post
  • What Does Chaga Taste Like?

    Some of the common questions we get when we talk to people about chaga mushrooms are : "Will it get me high?" and "What does the chaga mushroom taste like?" Although answering the first question is easy, the second question is a bit more complex. Although there are hundreds of recipes one could d... View Post
  • Simple Chaga Latte

    Lattes are something you order right? Wrong, lattes such as chaga lattes are what you can do yourself from the comfort of your home. 5 Simple ingredients that make preparing lattes on a weekdays a breeze! View Post