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  • Localove features our Cha-Cha Chaga Mushroom Tea

    Samantha and her team at Localove have featured our Cha-Cha Chaga Mushroom tea boxes in their June 2021 monthly subscription box. The June box is themed "The Great Outdoors" and features other local companies including Uptown Sox, Retreat Candle Co, Pure Heart Essentials, Cheer Me Up and more. S... View Post
  • Support Local with Freewheeling Craft Virtual Virtual Market

    Hey everyone! It's been a long few months of winter. Spring is now here and so is The Freewheeling Craft Virtual Market. For those If you haven't heard of this local virtual market, it's an amazing place to pick up trendy Ottawa local brands. You'll be able to find unique crafts, drink and food p... View Post
  • Our Chaga and Herbal Teas are now available in Almonte at Cheerfully Made!

    Over the past few months we've been forming great partnership with local shops as well as virtual markets. We're pleased to announce that our Birch Moon Wellness Co. Chaga tea and wellness herbal teas are now available at the well known Cheerfully Made Goods + Market located at 72 Mill Street in ... View Post
  • Common Questions about Chaga Mushrooms

    Chaga mushroom is an aweosome fungus and often referred to the kind of the mushroom kingdom. We still receive many questions regarding this superfood including, how long does chaga tea last, is chaga mushroom a psychedelic, and more. View Post
  • Chaga Kombucha Recipe and it's Health Benefits

    What's more powerful than combining the benefits of the chaga mushroom with the health benefits and aweosome taste of kombucha. Give our chaga kombucha recipe a try! View Post