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Say hi to functional teas! Supercharge your life with a rich dose of antioxidants from medicinal mushroom chaga.


Mushroom goodness

Meet the hidden gem of the forest–chaga. This king of the medicinal mushroom world is famous for its healing properties and have been used by humankind for centuries.

What the fungi is CHAGA?

Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees in northern climates such as areas of Europe, Asia, and America. For centuries people have been using chaga mushroom for its healing properties and prevention of disease.

Benefits of chaga

Nutrient-Dense Superfood

Chaga is super rich in different nutrients and minerals, including amino acids, fiber, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D & B complex and more.

High Antioxidant Potency

The Sclerotium (outside part of chaga) contains pigment called melanin that is known for its high antioxidant levels. According to the ORAC, a score that measures antioxidant potency, chaga tops the chart and outranks acai and goji berries by more than threefold.

Natural Immune Booster

Foods rich in antioxidants are generally known for their immune system support and boosting benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory Adaptogen

Chaga is known for its anti-inflammatory effects that are shown to support and protect a healthy digestive system, help the body absorb more nutrients and improve liver function.

Natural Stress Relief

As an adaptogen, chaga helps enhance a human's body ability to naturally respond to different kinds of stresses (physical, mental and emotional).

Regulates Blood Pressure

Antioxidants found in chaga can have a role in regulating blood pressure and supporting cardiovascular health.

Chaga tea has been consumed by northern cultures worldwide for centuries – preparing and brewing chaga requires patience, precision and tender love. Find out more about chaga mushroom, how it grows and why you need it in your life below.

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    Cha-Cha Chaga tastes mildly earthy with a hint of black tea, yet it's very smooth. I love it for the antioxidants and nutrients that the chaga mushroom contains.

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  • From the heart of Siberia

    Oh, that wild and mesmerizing land. All of our tea ingredients like chaga and herbs are hand-picked from the wildest forests of Lake Baikal. Straight from Siberia and with a lot of love.

  • Sustainability First

    All of our tea ingredients are sourced from wild, clean and rich Siberian forests, using conscious harvesting methods that do not threaten our planet’s environment.

  • Powerful Nutrients

    This is where the rich and powerful is a good thing. Each cup is filled with rich vitamins, nutrients and minerals essential for strong and healthy living. Zero added sugars and no artificial or natural flavourings.

  • Perfect Match to Your Regime

    The regime of wellness, that is. You've got an amazing relationship with your body, mind and soul. We compliment this union by providing immense quality without a steep investment.

But wait, there is more...

Our tea blends are inspired by ancient recipes and modern health practices. The intelligent combination of plants and fungi compliment your wellness regime with essential longevity benefits. Free of any chemicals, natural flavourings, and added sugars.

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