Chaga Tea & Maple Syrup Shake

Chaga Tea & Maple Syrup Shake
Everyone loves a new recipe! 😀 How about one for the road? We love this new Chaga Tea & Maple Syrup shake.⁠

Bring it to work, a nature hike or picnic!⁠ 🌲🏔️⁠

Step 1 is to bring water to a boil. Put your chaga powder in the water and let it steep. Once ready let it cool. 🌬️⁠

Step 2 grab a frozen banana you've been saving in the freezer for this special occasion and throw it in the blender.⁠

Step 3 pour some maple syrup and a few ice cubes and add them to the blender.⁠

Step 4 blend until smooth and enjoy!⁠
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