Localove features our Cha-Cha Chaga Mushroom Tea

Localove features our Cha-Cha Chaga Mushroom Tea

Samantha and her team at Localove have featured our Cha-Cha Chaga Mushroom tea boxes in their June 2021 monthly subscription box. The June box is themed "The Great Outdoors" and features other local companies including Uptown Sox, Retreat Candle Co, Pure Heart Essentials, Cheer Me Up and more.

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Summer is definitely the time to get outdoors whether you enjoying camping, doing outdoor activities such as hiking or camping and perhaps even just getting out with the family to the park. Ottawa has a ton to offer when it comes to outdoor fun.

If you are not yet subscribed to the Localove boxes you can do so on their website. They also offer cool gift ideas including Birthday Boxes, the "Bro Box", the "Hey Girl!" or even the "Thinking of You". 

10% of the proceeds from the June box will be donated to the Ten Oaks Projects.

If you'd like to see us in person to grab your favorite Birch Moon Wellness Co. chaga and wellness teas, we will be at the Original Navan Market on Sunday June 27th.

The Original Navan Market is held in Navan minutes from Orleans. Come check us out at Booth #G34 behind the Navan Arena.

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