14 Tea Lovers and Tea Bloggers to Follow on Instagram in 2020!

14 Tea Lovers and Tea Bloggers to Follow on Instagram in 2020!

It's 2020 and we're sure you've definitely heard of Instagram. Did you know, 63% of its users log in at least once per day? That's an incredible dedication to a platform that only appeared in 2010.

There are now over 1 billion people that use Instagram every day. With such a large platform it's sometimes easy to get lost in the noise and can be harder to find accounts that share things that are of interest to us.

Often posting with the hashtag #teablogger, these social media stars share their latest tea tastings, discoveries, tea travels and educate us about the rich history of teas from all around the world through photography and blog-style posts.

We wanted to share some wonderful people that share their tea passion with us. Be sure to send them love by visiting their profile, blogs, websites and of course, to follow them on Instagram. 

Here they are in no particular order, we love them all!

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Nicole is from New Jersey. She is an award-winning tea blogger. She shares cute teacups and some of her recent tea discoveries. 


Tea in spoons is exactly what you will get. Connie takes beautiful up-close photography of the teas she reviews. She captures the ingredients of each blend of teas that she reviews. She posts a new tea adventure every Thursday.


Prepared to be thirsty. Jee is a tea blogger and puts out amazing photography. The vibrant colors of her every post will make you want to try each tea recipes she shares on her website, OhHowCivilized. Don't way we didn't warn you!


Rachel shares with us her passion for mind and body wellness, her food creations and tea, of course! She's a certified tea specialist, writer and speaker. She sprinkles in her daily adventures and humour, what's not to love?


We all love Canadians eh? Lu Ann is a tea-aholic indeed. She runs a blog and has a series called At The Tea Table, where she interviews individuals to discuss their favourite teas, tea history and more. You can definitely feel the energy and love she has for the subject.


Chiara is based out of Italy and brings you splendid tea photography. Tea is present in all that she does! We love this tea love and writer for the inspiring posts that she puts out.


Anna, also known as The Tea Squirrel, is a San Francisco tea lover who shares tea recipes. Shes posts beautiful photography of her tea tastings experiences. Be sure to sign up to her newsletter to be alerted of her newest posts and to obtain additional content on her website.


Reina is a dutch tea lover and tea sommelier who loves to share her tea travel adventures always while educating her followers.


Did we tell you how much we love Canadian talent? Lucy from Toronto shares her love for tea and photography through well-crafted arrangements of teacups, tea and herbs. Each picture conveys a very zen feeling!


Tea Lovers Journal shares tea reviews along with the benefits of certain tea blends. They have a large following who love to submit their tea escapades. You'll also receive words of wisdom and tips on how to live a healthier more whole full life. 


Kimberley is a tea blogger and shares with her followers, teas and tisanes she's had along her journey. Her blog posts are always very well crafted including steeping suggestions, tasting notes and an overall teacup rating.


Georgia shares her passion for tea from her hometown, New York City! She's a certified tea sommelier who shares information about tea harvesting, tasting notes and hidden tea shops in NYC. Be sure to visit her blog.


Nicole is a tea enthusiast and photographer from the state of Kentucky. Follow her on her many hiking journeys where she walks rugged terrain all while carrying the essentials to make a good cup of tea!


You'll never see a picture of Ruby with a cup in his hand or drinking tea but you will see beautiful pictures of his extraordinary watercolour painting work... on tea bags, yes! His online shop is a must-see.

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