What Does Chaga Taste Like?

What Does Chaga Taste Like?

Some of the common questions we get when we talk to people about chaga mushrooms are : "Will it get me high?" and "What does the chaga mushroom taste like?"

Although answering the first question is easy, the second question is a bit more complex. Although there are hundreds of recipes one could do with chaga, let's assume someone will be drinking it as a tea for the first time. How would you describe the taste?

We tend to make it clear to people that chaga is not your regular mushroom and therefore doesn't taste like your grocery store-bought mushrooms. In fact, chaga is a non-toxic fungus and looks nothing like your ordinary mushroom.

Chaga grows on certain birch trees a bit like a tumour. Some say that it's the nutrients that are sent by the birch tree to combat the fungi growth that gives it it's taste.

Although chaga grows in the forest on trees and has an earthy taste, this taste is quite mild. Some say there's a nutty or vanilla taste to it.

We believe the taste is hard to explain simply because chaga doesn't have much taste. This is why it's easy to mix it in with your favourite coffee or hot chocolate!

One can even enhance its taste by adding a bit of honey, a splash of lemon or like any real Canadian would, with some maple syrup!

Be sure to check out our recipe page for more ideas. We'd also love to hear how you enjoy your chaga drink!

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