Where does Chaga Mushrooms Grow?

Where does Chaga Mushrooms Grow?

For centuries people have been using Chaga for its healing properties and prevention of disease. In Russia, the use of Chaga dates back to ancient times and was used in traditional folk medicine.

Chaga grows in colder climates on specific trees including the yellow and white birch tree. It can be found in Canada and the United States, Northeast China, some northern European countries and Russia.

With the increase in popularity of chaga sustainable harvesting is a popular topic of discussion in the industry. After careful research, we have chosen to source our chaga from the large unpolluted forests of Siberia.

Sustainable harvesting is important to us. For this reason, we source our chaga from suppliers in Russia that adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by many levels of government.

These guidelines include sustainable forest harvesting regulations. Russia has a long history of and experience with regulating forest harvesting as the use of medicinal ingredients dates back centuries. The processes are well documented, harvesters and manufacturers adhere to these detailed regulations and hold licenses.

The harvesting of chaga and other herbs is generally done by individuals in small rural communities and is a large part of the communities economy.

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