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Russian Ivan Tea – Wild Rosebay Willowherb Tea

Russian Ivan Tea – Wild Rosebay Willowherb Tea

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Ivan tea is a Russian classic that is inspired by ancient folk recipes and modern herbalism. Beloved by Slavic tea sommeliers for centuries, this fireweed (willowherb) tea is created through a natural fermentation process and is a great herbal alternative to black tea.


Ingredients: fermented rosebay fireweed (willowherb) chamerion angustifolium

Brewing instructions

The steeping process takes 10-15 min. Proper brew time is key as it allows the herbs to extract their best nutrients.

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Unparalleled Quality

Every tea blend is filled with powerful nutrients and has zero added sugars and no artificial or natural flavouring. All of the tea ingredients are wild-harvested in Siberia, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.